Q1: There are no spaces available for the date and time that I need.  What should I do?

A1: Think creatively about using a different space.  Click here for help on how to check the event calendar for availability.  If you need theater style seating, could a classroom or event venue with fixed theater seating be used instead of requiring a room to be set up? 

Remember, academic classrooms are managed by the Registrar’s Office and you can view availability (must use an on-campus internet connection) at: pastra.mines.edu.


  Q2: How do I know if I’ll be charged a rental fee for my event?

 A2: If less than 50% of attendees will be Mines faculty, staff or students, then a room rental charge will apply. 


 Q3: How come I have technical support and equipment fees at the Green Center but not at other facilities?

A3: The Green Center is a self-funded operation and therefore has to cover its “hard costs” such as labor and equipment.


 Q4: An external entity is paying the bill for the event, is a contract needed?

A4: Yes, the non-Mines entity will need to sign a Facilities Use Agreement.  Please contact the scheduling office directly rather than submit an event request form at events.mines.edu




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